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SAP Basis Consultant

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  • Reference: SAP6977
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Sector: Consultancy, SAP
  • Relevant Skills: Basis, Basis Administrator, SAP Basis

About this job

My client is a consultancy based in Frankfurt, made up of ABAP Developers and all levels of Basis professionals. They work on long-term projects in the public sector, these projects typically last 4/5 years. My client have a full digitalised process, e.g. lead requests and time recording is all digitalised, avoiding confusion.

When working at my client, you would be sent to one customer continuously. You would not be at the customer site alone, you would have the opportunity to work in a team there.

You would spend 70% of your time at the customer and the rest of the time you can do remotely. If you needed more time remotely this can also be possible as my client are very flexible.

Every quarter the managing director calls all employees into the HQ in Frankfurt for a 'HQ Day', this is to review the quarter, any new staff, further updates and any developments or news at all. The night before this the managing director likes to take everyone for drinks/dinner.

Around Christmas time every year they all get together, last year they went to the Alps in a five star hotel!

Further benefits:
- Company Car (petrol included and can be used for personal life)
- Laptop and phone provided
- Full blown SAP landscape - they are running their own system and private network therefore it can be accessed from anywhere
- They are also an SAP partner
- Pension scheme - 100 euros per month from employer - increases to 125 per month after 2 years

The salary is fixed and variable, the variable depends on the amount of hours at the customer. Every extra hour over the contracted hours worked is €45, over a 3 month period you can work as many extra hours as you wish. For example in the 3 month period if you did an extra 100 hours, this would be €4000 bonus on top of your salary in a 3 month period.

Please respond with your feedback of the position. I have a close relationship with the Managing Director and I am able to arrange an interview on short notice for any further questions or an initial conversation.

Best regards,

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