6 signs your project needs contract support

With an economic rebound on the horizon, many tech and digital leaders are looking ahead and planning IT transformation projects to further strengthen systems and operational resilience, innovating to upgrade existing processes, and access new markets!

For transformation projects to be successful you need to have some of the core principles of project management in place, such as:

– Efficient project management software

– Adequate documentation and tracking

– Cost or budget estimates

– Company-wide commitment to change

– A collaborative and knowledgeable team

According to KPMG, only 19% of organisations deliver projects successfully and 23% of all projects fail due to inadequate resource forecasting. Put simply, if you don’t have the right team of digital and tech professionals in place who are fully committed to implementing change then your project is unlikely to be rolled out on time, within budget or have the desired lasting impact on your organisation.

How to ensure project success 

Project success hangs in the balance of a few critical factors, from project management strategy, software, timeframes, budgets and even wider market insights or customer behaviours! But when it comes to ensuring you have the resources in place to facilitate project delivery there are a few considerations to bear in mind:

– Do you have the in-house resources to facilitate full project delivery?

– Will permanent employees be pulled away from their core duties too much?

– What alternatives are there to project resourcing?

One useful alternative when thinking about project resourcing, particularly for IT transformation, is to consider using expert tech and digital contractors who can be parachuted onto a project for a set amount of time. This means you get the skills and experience you need for project implementation as and when you need it.


How can engaging contractors contribute to running successful projects? 

Contractors are a cost-effective way to ensure projects are successful because they can be sourced based on their seniority level, skills and experience. This means you can flexibly staff your transformation project with the exact talent you need at each stage, from project managers and SMEs, to Cloud migration specialists and data engineers to meet the project’s unique demands. This has the added benefit of not disrupting the day-to-day running of your business by taking too many full-time employees away from their roles for too long.

With more senior-level contractors knowledge transfer can be included in the contract or statement of work to ensure the smooth continuation of systems or processes that were implemented during the project. This allows transformation projects to have a higher chance of long-term success.


6 signs your project needs contract support 

Understanding the personnel and material resources you need for a project is no mean feat. It can take careful planning and analysis of the full scope of a potential project. And whilst not every project will be of the size and scale to require external contractors, some of the tell-tale signs that your organisation would benefit from contract support include:

– Your project needs skills and knowledge that you don’t currently have in-house

– There isn’t the budget to hire those necessary skills full time (particularly for costly SMEs)

– You need to resource the project with targeted skills and experience quickly

– Your project has lost momentum as permanent staff are pulled between the transformation project and their normal day-to-day responsibilities

– Day-to-day tasks are being impacted as permanent staff dedicate too much time to the project

– Project KPIs aren’t being met in a timely way

Working with a talent partner who has an established contractor talent pipeline will help you get the targeted contractor talent you need quickly, and efficiently. Energize Group can assess your project’s needs and source local and skilled tech and digital contractors to meet them, keeping your project on-time and within budget to achieve your business objectives.


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