New Year New You? Why you should consider recruitment for 2022!

We’re all starting to imagine what new excitement the year ahead may bring! We understand that recent times can make it feel like a big risk to pursue something new – but if this time of reflection has made you think about a fresh challenge with a chance to grow – why not consider a career with Energize Group?

Working in the recruitment industry is a rewarding and exciting challenge, giving you insight into so many different people, businesses, and technologies, while developing your own skills of consultation, coaching, selling…but how do you know you’re ready to find a new role with the right company?

We’ve outlined a few of the tell-tale signs that it’s time to think about changing your career trajectory…

  • 1. You’re thinking about getting a new job!

Daydreaming about a new working environment is a big reason why you should consider a move! Thinking about alternatives to your current situation – first identifying what you’re frustrated by – could indicate that you’re ready to move on to a greater challenge and meet a new team or explore a new location.

  • 2. Your current role lacks career progression

If your job doesn’t offer you any promotion opportunities, then your current employer is not seriously invested in your long-term potential. Find an employer that is interested in who you could become in the future – maybe you are ready to lead your own team, or would like to one day! You deserve the rewards of your hard work.

  • 3. You’re no longer learning new skills

If you’re not being challenged to solve problems creatively or learn new recruitment techniques, you risk having your skills and knowledge become outdated by more modern, forward-thinking recruiters. Your employer should provide you an environment where learning and growing is all part of the journey, whatever your experience level.

So what makes a great recruitment consultant?

If you think about your own experiences in the recruitment industry, you’ll know that no two consultants are completely alike! There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to being a great recruiter, but some of the top traits good recruiters share include:

Great communication skills:
Good recruiters can keep their candidates well-informed on their application and interview process, and liaise with their clients to ensure their next hire is the right fit. Recruiters must advise and negotiate with all parties to reach the best-possible outcome. This takes confidence, tenacity, resilience, determination….and patience!

Good problem-solving skills: With creative thinking, thorough industry knowledge, and understanding of a client’s specific requirements, the best recruiters can come up with flexible solutions that genuinely help individuals succeed in their careers, and support businesses to find the right talent to propel them forward.

A willingness to learn:
Recruitment is a broad discipline and a highly-valued service industry, but also offers you the opportunity to get deep knowledge of exciting sectors – such as Technology, Digital Marketing, Cloud, and so much more! Recruiters who are always open to learning new things and have a real passion for their specialist sector do particularly well in supporting candidates and clients.

Here’s why you should take your recruitment career to a new level, with five compelling reasons to join our journey at Energize Group!


– We’re an award-winning organisation, officially ranked 4th Best Recruitment Company to Work For in the UK!

– Every employee has the freedom to Work From Anywhere and choose their preferred environment for productivity and work-life balance!

– Our industry-leading Learning and Development program will allow you to realise your potential and achieve your goals!

– We achieved Employee Engagement scores of 96% and 97% in both 2020 and again in 2021

– Want free mortgage advice? Discounts on gym memberships and therapies? Our Wellbeing team takes care of your physical, mental, financial and social health!

– Every employee receives a Personal Development Plan from our in-house Performance Coach to help you hit your clear promotion criteria, fast!

– We’re among the fastest-growing recruitment companies in the UK, Europe, and North America, aiming to reach 250 employees by 2025!

Energize Group is looking to the future as we continue our global expansion! We’re experts in Digital and Technology recruitment, and we’re not afraid to explore new markets and open up new offices on this electrifying journey! When you join Energize, you begin walking a path of constant discovery and learning.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’re interested in, get in touch with us today to #EnergizeYourCareer!