Emily’s Blog: ‘From Saving Lives, to Changing Lives’

emily p

by Emily Parker

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Energize Group




On Monday 11th March 2019 I had my first conversation with David Freeman, an Ambulance Technician with the NHS from Staffordshire, England. He told me that he wanted to start a career in the recruitment industry.

Over the years of my career I have spoken with a multitude of people from a variety of professional backgrounds about joining the staffing and recruitment sector, but this was new to me.

Admittedly, I was initially sceptical about how Dave would manage such a drastic career change – after all, he had never before worked in an office!

Dave Freeman paramedicOh, how wrong I was. 

Despite his ‘irrelevant’ (as I once mistakenly believed) background, he was confident, ambitious and undoubtedly resilient.

Amongst a variety of emergency situations, he’d just helped to deliver a baby on a busy main road. How many people ever experience that, let alone for their job?

I asked him to take some time to research the staffing and recruitment industry, and more specifically, the technologies and sectors Energize Group specialise within. I didn’t expect him to get back in touch.

Two weeks later, Dave called me.

“Hi Emily! I’ve done some research and I’m keen to get a meeting arranged, when can I come in?”

I was shocked. Or pleasantly surprised. Not only had he chased me up, but he arrived at our meeting fully clued-up on recruitment, and knew.

I knew our management team would love his attitude and demeanour, so I booked him in for an interview – which he of course knocked out of the park!

Despite his lack of experience in a sales and service environment, Dave easily banished any uncertainty around his skills during a half-day trial in our Manchester office, shadowing senior Consultants and telephoning specific customers.

Fast-forward to today, and Dave is now established within Energize Group SAP division and currently sits 252% to his target!

He even admitted his computer skills were not quite up to scratch when he first started, yet his determination to learn has transformed him from from hands-on Ambulance Technician to superstar Recruitment Consultant – although, his dress sense remains questionable!

The moral of the story?

Grow your company by hiring on the individual’s competencies and attitude, certain skills can be taught!

You don’t need professional experience to forge a career in recruitment, but as an individual you must be determined, resilient, and extremely hard-working. If you’re reading this article and believe you have similar attributes, there’s no reason why you can’t be just as successful. Take the risk and apply now – let’s have a conversation about you and your career!