Jay Evans – Five Year Club

We caught up with Jay Evans, Head of Digital Contracts at Energize Group and the newest member of our ‘five-year club’, to take a look back at his career so far…

May 2015 feels like a lifetime ago! Can you recall what first appealed to you when joining Energize?

“Having just returned from more than two years of travelling I was in a good place to choose a career. Having experienced success in sales-based roles in Australia, working in the the recruitment industry was a natural option although something I had little knowledge of. One of my closest friends had joined Energize about 18 months earlier and had enjoyed his time there. He said the company was supportive, offered great training and development opportunities, and above all – a good group of people. Who wouldn’t want to join that company?”


What would you say are your best memories or moments at Energize Group?

“My favourite moments – in no particular order, include; winning ‘Employee of the Year’ and ‘Service Leader of the Year’ at our annual awards presentation; growing a successful digital recruitment team, seeing them succeed and win personal accolades; and of course the countless holiday and lunch rewards over the years. I am sure there are many more!”


Five Year Jay


You’re now building and leading your own team after multiple promotions. What’s the secret to maintaining your high performance?

“There are multiple factors that have been crucial to my performance. The first is about approaching my work in a goal-driven way. Early in my career, I had a few typical goals that I wanted to work towards achieving, such as saving for a house and a car, typical aspirations. Later in my career however, my primary motivation is to be the best consultant I can be; so I try to learn as much as I can from my colleagues, while also perceiving them as – friendly! – competition to drive me forward. I believe that my consistency has come from this personal drive and self-motivation, ensuring that every day I try to do everything I can to maximise every opportunity in an effective, productive way. And of course, I have had tremendous support and confidence shown in me throughout.”


You’ve also made the bold step to move away from your success supporting permanent digital marketing professionals to helping the careers of digital freelancers and contractors. Why did you decide to start something new?

“The chance was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss out on, to having ownership of my own brand, creating our own culture and values. It’s effectively akin to starting my own business but I retain the support the senior management team, who have been through the a similar experience, to guide me when needed!”


What’s been your biggest challenge, and how have you overcome it?

“I have been fortunate enough that in my time at Energize Group I don’t believe I have had many major setbacks. However, my main challenge now is to grow and develop a team, while still delivering personal high performance, can be tough to find enough time in the day!


What does the future have ahead for you?

“My professional goals now are: to build my brand and grow into new international markets, to support my team achieve their career development plans, and personally, to push on to ultimately become a Director at Energize Group.”


What guidance would you give to someone at the start of their career in recruitment?

“Firstly, selecting the right industry sector, because having an interest in the people, companies and technologies you’re partnering is hugely significant. Secondly, hard work! Recruitment isn’t an easy industry at times, so you have to be prepared to put in the work to get the results. Be curious and always look to learn, whether that be from your own manager, or people that may have less experience than you. Choose the right business as finding the right place that suits you will help you be successful.”



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