Meet Chris

Chris Donnelly thumbnailWe’re delighted to welcome Chris Donnelly to the Energize team! 

Chris’ expertise in delivering outstanding customer service in the New Zealand tourism industry makes him an ideal fit for our customer-led approach; so here’s a brief Q+A to know our newest colleague better.

Hi Chris! What attracted you to join Energize?

“I was attracted to Energize after doing some research and seeing how much of a cut above the rest they are! A friend (now colleague) referred me, and a few interviews later here I am. I wanted to sink my teeth into a challenge, to push myself, and Energize can help me to do that. I didn’t want to settle for any old office job; I wanted something that’s going to allow me to fulfil my full potential.”

What was your first impression of Energize?

“I was impressed from the get-go. I was given a tour of the office after my first interview and knew this is where I wanted to be. I saw a vibrant team in an exciting environment and hoped I’d done enough in my interviews to be part of that.”

What have you learnt so far in your journey at Energize?

“I’ve been as much of a sponge as possible, I’m learning something new every day and it’s pushing me exactly the way I wanted. The team are so helpful with questions I have and support me in every way. I’ve also learned that outside of work, the guys are a quality night out!”

What motivates you?

“I like a challenge and I’m even more motivated when someone tells me “you can’t” or “you won’t” – it gets me all giddy as I like stepping up to the mark. The harder I work the better I live and why not enjoy reaping the benefits of your own hard work?”

If you weren’t a Recruitment Consultant, what job would you be doing?

“I’d probably join a team of dolphin shavers. Never seen a hairy dolphin have you? I wouldn’t mind getting a bit of recognition for that.”

Most embarrassing moment?

“A pal told me he had seen on TV that if you headbutt a coconut on its seam as hard as you can, it will crack right open in your hand. He just so happened to have a coconut there in his kitchen which he couldn’t wait to give me. Of course, I gave it my absolute all, and of course he was lying. I was sat there semi-conscious, ears ringing, with a bump on my head like I’d banged it in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.”

Which famous person do you admire and why?

“Sir David Attenborough. He’s just an absolute geezer and I can’t fault the guy. We should get him in the office to narrate the day.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to Energize?

“Be open-minded and prepared for the ride. Be ready to learn, give it your all and be confident in yourself, if it’s the recruitment industry you want to be in, look no further as this is the place right here.”

Want to know more about life at Energize?

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