Meet Jimmy

Jimmy thumbnailWe’re very happy to welcome Jimmy Paterson to the Energize team! 

Jimmy’s flair for delivering an exceptional customer experience means he’s ideal for Energize IT division; so here’s a quick Q+A to get to know our new colleague.

Hi Jimmy! What attracted you to joining Energize?

“The awards and accolades that the company has won shows that Energize is obviously a great company to work for, with a fantastic social side as well.”

If you weren’t a recruitment consultant, what job would you be doing?

“I’ve got a vast knowledge of football – the game, teams and players, bordering on geeky – so I would love to be a football commentator!”

What was your first job?

“I was a trolley boy at Sainsbury’s way back when…glad to say I haven’t done that since I was 16!”

Favourite holiday destination and why?

“New York, New York. Just an incredibly cool city with so many different things to do and explore. I jump at any opportunity to go.”

Most embarrassing moment?

“Back at Sainsbury’s when I was younger, I served Duncan James from the boy-band Blue. I told him we shared the same birthday (7th April, don’t ask) and he looked at me like I was some kind of mental fan…”

Which famous person do you admire and why?

“Prince Harry. A cool guy doing his best for the royal family and the country, and he probably doesn’t get enough credit.”


Want to know more about life at Energize?

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