Meet Rory

Rory McLaughlin thumbnailThe Digital recruitment arm of EnergizeGroup is truly fortunate to welcome Rory McLaughlin to our team. 

A graduate from the University of Ulster, Rory has several years of industry experience providing staffing solutions to businesses across the UK. As part of Energize Digital, he’s now working in London, providing major brands and global media networks with expert Paid Social employees.

Hi Rory! First question: what attracted you to join EnergizeGroup?

“Easy – the glowing recommendation of a current employee. Also the great location.”

What was your first impression of us?

“Energize is a very inclusive business where hard work is rewarded and there’s an equal playing field for all to succeed.”

What have you learnt so far in your journey at Energize?

“I’ve undergone a variety of training, and there’s a supportive culture across the team.”

What does success mean to you?

“Success means exceeding both my personal and professional targets, and achieving the goals I set myself.”

What famous person do you admire, and why?

“George Clooney. Gave 14 of his best pals £1m each just for the craic! Sharing his success with those closest to him, because he can.”

What advice would you give to someone considering a career with to EnergizeGroup?

“Go for it! It’s early days for me, but Energize is an environment that will allow for success and provide the support required to achieve it.”


Want to know more about life at Energize?

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