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How do you talk to your manager about stress?

Stress is a very complex concept, particularly when it comes to the world of work. A little bit of pressure or stress can be a great motivator, helping you clear your mind and focus on completing the task at hand quickly and efficiently. However, too much stress and it’s difficult to prioritise competing deadlines and… Read more »

8 priorities for remote digital leadership

The pandemic and resulting economic uncertainty forced every organisation regardless of size, industry or location to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing working landscape. Suddenly we became more reliant on collaboration technologies to maintain communication among teams and with customers, with many digital transformation projects expedited as a result. What’s more, traditional concepts of leadership… Read more »

Considering the contractor: Balancing local expertise and budgets

Engaging contractors is an effective way to ensure you get the right tech and digital skills on your team at the right time, at the right price! They represent a flexible and cost-effective resource to tap into to support your major projects, system upgrades and implementations, and even daily processes. What’s more, they’re agile resources… Read more »

Jay Evans - Five Year Club

We caught up with Jay Evans, Head of Digital Contracts at Energize Group and the newest member of our ‘five-year club’, to take a look back at his career so far…

How to Successfully Hire Your Remote Workforce via Video Interview

The ongoing threat to public health has created a challenging environment for everyone. Yet despite the enforced closure of offices and people being directed to work from their home, video technology is helping alleviate some aspects of the societal ‘lockdown’: keeping people connected, and minimising disruption to normal life. To ensure organisations around the world… Read more »

How to Successfully Onboard Your Remote Workforce

The ongoing threat to public health means working from home is now a reality for many of us, and so new employees joining your organisation will require more support than before. This guide will share apps, initiatives and ideas for digital solutions to consider including within your Onboarding process. The quality of your organisation’s onboarding is… Read more »