Sam Brand – Five Year Club

We sat down with Sam Brand, the newest member of Energize Group ‘five-year club’, to look back at his achievements, favourite memories, and challenges in his career. Read his interview below:


If you can cast your mind back five years earlier, can you recall what attracted you to a recruitment career at Energize Group?

“I joined Energize after coming to a crossroads in my recruitment career. I had previously worked at two polar opposite companies, one of which was a very bureaucratic business and the other, extremely relaxed. I wasn’t a fan of either. I wanted a company that offered a good level of training, support and management but that wouldn’t micro-manage. Somewhere I could have fun but also progress my career and earn money! One of my best friends had recently joined Energize and had told me how much he was enjoying it. He arranged an interview with Kieran and the rest is history!”

You’re now a Senior Consultant at Energize Group. How have you maintained your exceptional performance?
Five Year Brand “I would love to say that it has all been high-performance and continuous achievements – however I must admit, it hasn’t! Recruitment is a tough industry and you need resilience, particularly in the beginning. The main thing instrumental to my recent success has been goal-setting. I personally never used to take goal-setting seriously – it seemed like a fluffy management phrase. However, since setting specific, personal targets for myself  – i.e. saving up for a house deposit, and for the birth of my daughter Sophia, I have seen my performance and consistency skyrocket! If you do not have a specific goal that you are genuinely passionate about, you might find yourself ‘going through the motions’.”


You were awarded ‘Energize Group Service Leader of the Year’ in 2019, with the highest Net Promoter Score across the company. What’s the secret to your success with your customers?

“Service Leader of the Year is an award I have wanted to win for a number of years now and I am over the moon to have finally won it in December of last year. I am hugely passionate about the quality of service I offer to both my clients and candidates, and I think that this additional focus has helped with my performance. Having a good relationship with my clients and candidates meant that they were all very happy to give me recommendations and referrals. This in turn has led to more placements and testimonials, which I can show to prospective clients to win new business!”


What’s been your biggest challenge, and how have you overcome it?

“The most challenging time for me was when my daughter was born. The long hours in the office, combined with 3-4 hours’ sleep per night, was extremely exhausting. Plus, my commute can take up to 2 hours, depending on traffic. I was running on empty! I felt I was constantly chasing my tail and my performance took a real hit.

Fortunately, Energize is an extremely flexible employer and there are many young parents in the company. The directors helped me create and implement a new workflow, allowing me to work from home 2 days per week. Now I have more energy (from the reduced commute and extra sleep!) and I can see my daughter and partner a lot more during the week. I have also become much more organised and efficient with my time, and work a lot smarter when I am in the office. The results have been amazing and I am back to the performance that I expect of myself!”


What would you say are your best moments at Energize Group?

“So many memories! I would have to say my best Energize moment was meeting my partner – and now mother of my child – Ulli. She joined the company in the summer of 2016, and from the moment she walked through the doors I made it my goal to gain her attention! Since then we have had the opportunity to go on numerous company holidays together, including Ibiza and have recently welcomed our daughter Sophia into the world!”


Finally: what’s next for ‘Mr Berlin’?

“From a business perspective, I want to grow the Group’s Digital service offering in Germany, and achieve promotion to Managing Consultant with a view to becoming Divisional Director for Energize Digital in Germany. I started building this market sector from scratch and I want it to become one of Energize Group’s most profitable brands. From a personal perspective, I want to continue providing a good life for my family and ensure that they have everything they need and want. Thank you Energize – here’s to the next five years!”


Want to see more of Sam’s journey? You can connect with him on LinkedIn here

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