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What does the perfect Cloud developer look like?

The cloud is taking its place of prominence in facilitating how we work, and the industry is booming with an array of customisable cloud solutions putting skilled cloud developers in high demand. But how do you align the unique cloud needs of your organisation with a tailored recruitment strategy to ensure you hire the right… Read more »

10 Cloud trends every tech leader should be aware of

Forrester has predicted that the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to a value of $120 billion in 2021 with far-reaching impacts on the market. Tech leaders need to have a great understanding of the current trends in cloud, and implement innovative strategies to stay ahead of the curve and competitors.

5 questions every tech leader must ask when hiring for the Cloud

Cloud-based transformation offers the potential to reach new markets, to better cater to new customer behaviours and client needs, and to launch services that will be effective well into the future. However, there are several factors to consider when planning your company’s digital transformation journey.

Silver linings to gender inequality: The rise of women in Cloud-based tech roles

With increasing advancements in the digital economy, there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in tech. What was once almost an exclusively male industry has become more and more diverse as the tech sector has made strides to becoming more inclusive, though it is no secret that women are still in… Read more »