The Case for Flexible Working

emily pby Emily Parker

Flexible working is a major point in today’s boardrooms, particularly within the recruitment and staffing industry. Energize Group introduced a flexible working policy in 2019 and we’ve shared insights into how it’s positively impacted both our employees, and the wider business!

This blog will address the benefits of increased employee autonomy around working patterns, and how these subtle changes can benefit both a business and its employees.


What are the benefits of flexible working for employers?

      • Staff Retention
        Studies show that offering the option of flexible working strengthens employee loyalty to a company, as the policy encourages a planned, medium-to-long-term commitment. After all, your employees are the product of your business, so it’s important they are happy!


      • Professional Productivity
        Stressed and overworked employees are more likely to take more sick days (or resign) compared to those who are not. Flexible working can tackle stress by promoting a happier, well-rested and more balanced workforce.


      • Working Hours
        Allowing employees to work outside of your normal hours make for a more satisfied clientele. Flexible working hours mean more hours are covered throughout the day and productive employees.


What are the benefits of flexible working for employees?


      • Reduce Stress
        Apart from being an inconvenience, if left unaddressed stress can quickly escalate into other mental health issues. Offering flexible working hours gives staff members the option to manage their time effectively which reduces stress.


      • Cost-Saving
        Working from home eliminates the costs of everyday commutes. It can also influence more cost-effective purchasing decisions, such as planning for lunch breaks rather than making a last-minute dash.


      • Job Satisfaction
        Empowering your employees with the freedom and autonomy to manage their time and tasks increases their confidence, and sense of ownership over projects.


      • Work/life Balance
        Offering your employees additional flexibility options allows them to balance commitments in their personal lives with the demands of their work life, such as childcare.


Watch our short video to see how introducing a flexible working policy has helped us!