The Power of Feedback: Great Service Leads to Sales

craig molloyby Craig Molloy
Managing Director and Co-Founder

Energize is now approaching the end of our second year measuring service through Net Promoter Score® (NPS). It’s been a huge learning curve, we’ve made mistakes along the way and I’m sure we will make more in the future; however in NPS® we now have an amazing and effective tool to receive and utilise customer feedback.

The power of feedback cannot be underestimated. Positive feedback is great, though it primarily reinforces what we already know. What I am more interested in is the negative feedback; the areas in which we can improve as a business, that if you change or rectify could save a customer – purely by addressing a sometimes difficult situation, you are likely to be ahead of your competition.

One thing I have never understood is companies in the Recruitment industry only surveying existing clients and placed candidates. This is surely only a very small and happy percentage of the customer base! Bringing into question: who actually are the customers of a recruitment company?

At Energize we believe our customers are individuals to whom we provide a service:

  • Customer = A candidate whose CV is sent to a client
  • Customer = A client who has instructed us to work a vacancy

From our customer base we want to understand how our Consultants are performing – measuring their overall level of service, market knowledge, and communication. What are the issues, and where are we letting ourselves down? The information from our customers is invaluable and becomes even more powerful once acted upon.

Embedding NPS® into a recruitment organisation isn’t straightforward, however it is now ingrained throughout Energize with individual Net Promoter Scores®, league tables and awards for service. NPS® plays a key part in deciding our ‘Consultant of the Month’, features in every single promotion interview and is also analysed thoroughly in all annual reviews. See more about our strategy and results here.

At Energize, our vision is to become the market leaders of service standards in the global IT and Digital recruitment industry. With Net Promoter Score®, we have an effective tool that can measure our success in achieving this. Ideally we will see more and more recruitment businesses adopting NPS®, driving up standards of customer service and empowering customers when choosing their ideal recruitment partner.

We have experienced great success over the past 2 years and I am absolutely convinced improving service has a direct impact on sales. Our goal in becoming market leaders in service is to increase customer loyalty, acquire new customers, retain our own employees and improve our organisation. This will in turn increase sales, and therefore the bottom line.